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Growing up as a professional figure skater, Angie Grayfox, the vocalist for Finding Elysium, moved from Russia to New Jersey at the age of 13 to train full-time, but by age 17, this all-consuming sport left Grayfox badly hurt. “I was so injured that I couldn’t go back to skating after that,” she says, “it forced me to come up with an idea of what I could possibly do next because the full time job I had since I was 4 years old was gone now.” Immediately, the teen came back to her life-long love of music, something she was never able to pursue full time during her skating career. “My family taught me that the best way to rest is to switch activities. When I had time off the ice I was singing, dancing, acting, and modeling.” With a steadfast work ethic learned from years on the ice and experiences in show business, Grayfox decided to dedicate her life solely to music, a decision which led her to Los Angeles where she met future Finding Elysium bandmate, Noel Raye.


Comparatively, Noel Raye, producer/multi-instrumentalist and second half of Finding Elysium, had a quite different upbringing. A Burbank, California-native coming from a long line of musicians including a musician/film-industry father, Raye’s journey was influenced by a wide variety of music that ranged from contemporary pop, rock and metal, to jazz and orchestral film scores. From an early age, Raye studied classical instruments like flute, trumpet, and piano, adding guitar at age 12, and taking up drums and percussion in high school. “I swear Noel has played every single instrument,” laughs Grayfox.  Raye entered the Musicians Institute at age 17 to study with their world renown guitar faculty with dreams of one day being a studio session guitar player and touring sideman but as nearing the end of her degree, found a love of song writing and music production.


Though the two musicians came from disparate backgrounds, Angie Grayfox and Noel Raye soon found themselves taking courses together at LA’s Musicians Institute. Often the only two women in their classes, they quickly became friends, bonding over a shared love of fantasy games, books, and films. “Pretty immediately we wanted to work on music together. We would always try to pair up for our bachelor’s jury recitals and everything,” says Raye. Soon after, the newfound duo assumed the name “Finding Elysium.”


The result? Narrative alt-rock that exists outside of societal expectation. “We want the listener to feel like they’ve escaped. Like they’re in a movie,” says Raye, inspired by her own love of cinema. The duo also took advantage of Raye’s family ties to the film industry to create their own visuals for their music, making their work more of an overall sensory experience than just a band. “We purchased our own cinema camera and lighting equipment and had my brother shoot, direct and edit all of our video content and artwork design,” Raye notes, “We are using our family’s knowledge and expertise to become a full-service production company for Finding Elysium.”


With big plans for the future, Finding Elysium’s debut single “Mirror Mirror,” coming out February 2021, is only the beginning of the world they plan to build together.